Happy Clients Say

Usman Z

I feel really blessed to have found her! My wife and I are big fans of her extremely vast knowledge which she continues to add to, every single day. Not only this, we have always found her to be relentlessly selfless and devoted to assisting us and everyone who is facing health concerns at home. Her live sessions, her one on one counselling sessions - every thing has helped us, manifold. May Allah ease all her troubles and always be her guide as she shows the light to many families like us. Amen.

Fatima A

She is truly the most helpful, selfless and knowledgeable practitioner I've been lucky enough to meet. With so much on her plate, she still manages to light up so many lives in Pakistan. She's building a most comprehensive support network and it's an incredible system. She discusses the most difficult to the apparently lesser problems and with all that she does, to allow so many people to pick her brains, I wonder if she is a single person a truly compassionate superhero who makes sure to empower everyone she meets to make the lives of countless children so much better.. I don't think we can appreciate her enough!

Usama S

Batool Mirza came to us as a blessing Alhamdolillah. We honestly had little idea about the issues that were affecting our son as in ASD but ever since we were in contact with Batool, we found the right direction to work towards. The knowledge and research in batools work is immense and something you truly need to help identify your child’s actual needs. You are doing a great job Batool, please continue the great work!

Jith In

I met Batool online, we have never met in person. As new immigrants we did not have any connections in Canada. We had no knowledge of how Canada works, what are the resources available for daycare, Schooling, Medical facilities, Community activities etc. Thankfully we met her online and she became a good friend of me and my wife. She is an amazing lady ready to help and advise to the best of her knowledge on any matters under the sky regarding parenting. Its my luck to be a friend of Batool. I recommend her to be a good mentor and coach on parenting and a good role model for working woman.

Nosheen Saeed

Batool has been an excellent mentor, advisor and someone who has been helping proactively. I am amazed at her approach to share everything and to make earnest suggestions towards individual cases I was part of a group course led by Batool and i benefitted imemnsely. I highly recommended Batool

Rida Naseer

5 stars .. She is enthusiastic to help others. We learned from her. i wish her success in her way. She will be remembered with warm thoughts 🙂

Anum Fatima

Batool is an amazing person and an extraordinary mom. She is my mentor. One of the key responsibilities of a good mentor is to provide guidance and constructive feedback thats what she always do. Her guidance is simple but so on point. She taught me “less is more”. She changed my perspective about not only life but relationships. She has invested herself so creatively in her kid’s life and she encourages and inspires others to do so. Her strategies are simple but targeted. Her approach is never “one size fits all” NEVER.. she very well knows how different our needs are. She has invested her time in every piece of puzzle. I am simply so grateful to have her guidance. Talking to her is ALWAYS fruitful and always leaves me with more hope and wider perspective.

Sydra Afzal

Batool is an encyclopedia. she is amazing helpful soul. she is your great resource for any Autism related queries

Abbasi Rasi

Running out of words on bow grateful I feel to find Batool online. She provides guidance and help unconditionally from her well researched and deep understanding regarding autism. She shared lot of valuable resources and knowledge that you will never find on google or at youtube directly. She showed many practical examples with her son on teaching various skills. Highly highly recommended for parents of child on spectrum. Keep raising the awarenss and praying the best for batool and her family

Atiya Nayyar

I know Batool for 2 years now. She is one of the few ‘power mums’ that I know. Her approach to handling her child’s behavioural challenges has been unconventional yet very effective. She is a very strong and vocal advocate for participatory learning rather than the directive route. Her approach on her child’s diet has also been very practical where she sticks to Organic, Gluten & Caesin free food yet exercises flexibility according to the situation. Batool has been a strong support for mothers struggling with challenged kids especially in the Pakistani community. I personally have had several long and fruitful discussions with her and learned quite a bit on how I managed my little one.

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